Quality Care For Children Aged 3 Months - 11 Years

This room is set up as a safe and homely environment for the very young whilst offering lots of opportunities for sensory and messy play. The activities offered are in accordance with the EYFS and will meet all the children's individual needs whilst making sure they are stimulated, challenged and entertained.

The babies have access to a secure outdoor play area and a

covered deck to allow for outdoor play even when it is wet and

cold outside. 

The staff are qualified and experienced in the care of the

very young and each child is allocated a "Key Worker",

who works closely with parents/carers to ensure the 

transition from home to nursery goes smoothly as possible.

 This is helped by asking parents/carers to fill in an "All About Me"

 form with important family information and  the individual routine

 for every child.

The children recieve well balanced healthy meals which are cooked

on site. We are able to follow parents/carers wishes when it comes

to weaning needs to ensure we meet the individual families wishes. 

The children usually move through to the Toddler Room around 20

months of age but this depends on their stage of development. The

"Key Worker" will discuss the child's development with the parents/

carers and decide the most appropriate time for transition together. 

The "Key Worker" will then take the child into the Toddler room for

settling in visits, initially staying to support the child then gradually

increasing the time the child spends in the new room with their new

"Key Worker" to ensure they are happy and confident in their new room.

Parents/carers will need to provide milk feeds in clearly labelled bottles, nappies, wipes, creams, spare clothes and any comfort toys, blankets, dummies etc.

Staff are always on hand to chat with you regarding your child's development and are committed to ensuring nursery is a happy experience for both you and your child.

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