Quality Care For Children Aged 3 Months - 11 Years

Our Toddler Room caters for children from approximately 20 months.

The staff deliver an exciting and varied range of activities in

accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage, using the child's

 current interests to meet their individual needs.

There is a fantastic sensory area/dark room for children to relax and

take part in sensory activities.

This is based around the concept of the "unique child" and "enabling

environment" which simply means that staff will develop close

relationships with each child, getting to know their individual

personalities and interests and ensuring activities are designed to

encourage children to develop freely and for each child to achieve

their full potential.

The children have access to a secure outdoor play area including an

all weather area, covered sand pit, climbing slide, play house and a natural learning environment "Twiglets", where they can enjoy activities such as

painting with mud and looking for bugs and worms!

There is also a covered deck to allow for outdoor play even when it is

wet and cold outside.

All children will be allocated a "Key Worker" who will be responsible

for monitoring your child's progress, filling in their developmental

records and ensuring that they have a happy and enjoyable time

at nursery.

Some children may show an interest in using the toilet or potty whilst

in this room, so staff will work closely with parents/carers to support

this stage of development. We have a information sheet included in our welcome pack, on toilet training and staff are happy to offer help and advice but it is

something that needs to be developed at home and nursery.

Parents/carers will need to provide nappies, wipes, creams, spare clothes and any comfort toys, blankets, dummies etc.

Staff are always on hand to chat with you regarding your child's development and are committed to ensuring nursery is a happy experience for both you and your child.