Quality Care For Children Aged 3 Months - 11 Years



We follow the curriculum guidance set down in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is divided into 7 areas of learning:

3 Prime areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development - Teaching children how to work, play and co-operate with others.
  • Communication and language- Permits the child to express thoughts and feelings
  • Physical Development- Activities will be offered to promote the development of the child's fine gross motor skills
4 Specific areas
  • Literacy- developing pre-writing and reading skills
  • Maths- To enhance an understanding of number and mathematical concepts
  • Knowledge and understanding the world- Exploring diversity of families, environments and cultures
  • Expressive art and design- Enabling a child to express its own creativeness, feelings and ideas.
We deliver this through an enabling environment which is set up to allow the children to access activities and resources independently, staff are highly skilled at supporting the children  to meet and offered exceed expecting levels of development through a variety of teaching methods.
Your child will be assigned a "Key Worker" who will monitor their progress and keep records of their achievements.
                                             These will be given to you at the end of their nursery year, as well as
                                                    being used to discuss your child's progress with you at our open evenings,
                    or at any time you wish to see your child's record. 


We have regular newsletters which explain the activities
planned for your child and gives ideas of activities which
you can do at home to enhance your child's learning.
Children take part in French lessons by our French teacher
 Nicola Haywood. This is done in a fun way using stories,
songs and rhymes, with the children enjoying a French
inspired snack.
We also have "Dancing Dave" who comes in once a month to do a fun dance class with the children. The children really enjoy dancing and having "Dancing Dave" from Being Frank come into the setting gives a different dimension, especially for the boys.