Quality Care For Children Aged 3 Months - 11 Years

Out of School and Holiday Club

As our children move on from nursery to Reception Class 

and primary School, KCP  continues to take care of your childcare by providing before and after school care as well as a holiday club for all children up to the end of year six (age 11).

A wide range of activities are provided to keep the children busy and entertained.  Arts, crafts, drama, cooking, construction, role play, homework table, sand, messy play and an array of outdoor activities, street dancing and sports. We use our pre school room, decking and garden area. We also have use of the school playground and playing field. 

Our older children children move on to enjoy more 'grown up' activities such as woodwork, embroidery, sewing, jewellery making, power circuits etc.

Breakfast Club 7.50am - 8.50am

Breakfast is served until 8.30am and consists of a  wide choice of cereals and/or toast, with fruit juice, water or milk to drink. Our commitment to healthy eating continues as we do not have any chocolate or high sugar content cereals.

The children are then escorted to school. 

After School 3.30pm - 6pm

After school we offer two options 1) first hour 3.30 - 4.30pm 2) full session 3.30 - 6pm.   Staff go over to Knightlow Primary School to collect the children. Once at KCP they have a drink and a light meal or snack, to keep them going until they go home to join their family for the evening meal. The snack offered changes each day to ensure variety examples are beans or spaghetti on toast, pitta pizza, sandwiches, fish finger sandwiches, pasta or hot dogs.


The children then have organised activities on offer as well as a huge selection of free play, toys, games and resources to choose from. We have a wi, playstation and computer but time spent on these is limited. 

Holiday Club  

Open 7.50am - 6pm Monday - Friday during all school holidays and Teacher Training days, (in line with Knightlow Primary School dates) except Bank holidays, the period between Christmas and New Year.

A wide range of activities, both organised and self resourcing, keep the children occupied and engaged throughout the day. There are quiet areas for those that wish to have a rest or just chill out for a while. We love messy activities and ask children to come along in old clothes !

You just book and pay for the sessions you want to book during the holiday care and you can choose from half days 7.50am - 1pm or 1pm -6pm, full days 7.50am - 6pm or a school day 9am -3.30pm. Breakfast, mid morning and mid afternoon snacks and a tea time snack is provided together with all drinks, but children need to bring a packed lunch.


Out of School Club