Quality Care For Children Aged 3 Months - 11 Years

KCP nursery takes part in Forest School, which was developed in Denmark and introduced to the UK in the 1990s.

It gives children the opportunity to benefit from learning

opportunities in a woodland or outdoor environment.

Forest School encourages growth in confidence,

 independence and self-esteem through small

 achievable tasks. It particularly suits those children

 who are kinaesthetic learners (learn by doing),

those who are less confident in the indoor classroom

and those with behavioral difficulties.

Due to the success of Forest School, we have developed

our own mini Forest School "Twiglets" that our younger

children benefit from.

They will learn the safety rules for Forest School such as:

  • Don't go past the blue rope
  • Put bugs back somewhere safe
  • Carry sticks behind you, pointing downwards
  • If the whistle sounds everyone must return to base camp
They will have the chance to experience activities such as:
  • Bug hunting
  • Den building
  • Tree climbing
  • Roasting marshmellows on the campfire

Forest School